November 16-20, 2017 in Austin, TX,
University of Texas & Sheraton at the Capitol

Attend the 40th Annual Conference on Management & Executive Development (CMED)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CMED

I am not familiar with this conference. Can I get references?

Of course you can. Call or email us. We will give you names and phone numbers of past participants to call.

Are there Exhibitors?

No. The only exhibit area is what we call the Show & Tell Brochure and Catalog Resource room. You are encouraged to ship in advance samples of your program brochures and postcards, evaluations and forms . These are displayed on tables and during free-time, you can pick up samples of interest. This popular area is a great visual survey of who does what and how they promote their programs and services in print.

Are spouses and guests welcomed?

They sure are. And they are invited to attend all receptions, free time activities and all entertainment at no charge. There is also a guest meal registration form that you will receive about 1 month prior to the conference, should they wish to join you for dinner.

Is CMED an association or what?

It’s not an association. It’s a “what.” To make a 30+ year story very, very short, ProEd Corporation provides this conference (CMED is the acronym) as one of its services to university exec ed and professional development centers. The ProEd mission is to have an ongoing and positive impact on the professional success of those who work within the industry. And from the feedback and measure of those who attend and dialog throughout the year – mission accomplished.

What’s the Logo/Swag swap event at CMED?

During the reception one evening, you have the opportunity to trade your school’s hat, T-shirt, sweatshirt for those of other schools. So bring several nice logo items with you and be ready to barter. It’s great fun and your spouse or guest is invited to participate, too.

How is the Advisory Board selected?

Each year during the conference, the Advisory Board meets to determine who is rotating off the Board and to nominate replacements. Various criteria are used, including geographical representation, experience and responsibilities, and interest. Board members must be able to commit to participating in the planning meeting in late January of the next conference year, as well as the conference itself. If you would like to be on the Board, just let a current member know at some point very early at the conference.

What is the question you need an answer to in order to attend CMED in 2016?

Email us now and ask it.


Is this conference for you?

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